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For the last few months I’ve been investing in my Charity in Gambia. I’m absolutely mad about football and so are the kids over there.

I’m looking to re-purpose any old football kit you may be about to renew or throw away. Whilst it may have served it’s life for you it still has a great adventure waiting for it where it will be as loved and cherished as your new kit acquisition.

Anything you can spare will be gratefully received and you’ve no worry – we will do all the leg work. We want to give recognition to everyone that helps but we understand if you don’t want to have a photo and your good deed voiced over the ‘social airwaves’ so let me know if you would rather remain anonymous.


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If you don’t have any kit to give us but you are as excited as I am about this Charity you can make a donation. We guarantee 100% of any donation made is used purely for the benefit and support of the guys in Gambia. We do not use any percentage for staff wages or overheads. That is totally funded by me separately.

Cheers Rob.