In my business life I have been extremely fortunate to have met some extremely successful people. In the early days it was quite humbling that these masters of business would even consider spending time helping me.

My businesses began to grow and along with that came the ‘clarity’! Like an epiphany! This is why successful people are successful. They have the time because they don’t have to be in their businesses every day. Helping others who ask is natural, they have nothing to prove and nothing to hide.

I wake up every day knowing that if I don’t want to work at my business that day I don’t need to  – it almost runs itself. If I do work I only do 2 – 3 hours so I am at that stage I can happily afford the time to support and help you.

Best Regards

Rob Molyneux.


Money means nothing without worth.

As the saying goes ‘the love money is the root of all evil’  The key is the word LOVE   Money is as essential to life as oxygen. A lack of of it cause great distress.

The Team Rhino Franchise method strives to take away some if not all of life’s financial pressure.

The program is not sales orientated and even better is not time consuming to do.

This mean anyone can do it as you bolt it on to your core activity during the day. Even better there is no investment for join the mission. Just inbox me so I can send you a franchise pack


I am looking for the right people to invest in.

If you don’t mind the fact that investment could involve you in paid trips abroad with all the trimmings and you have the 5 following qualities – we need to touch base and talk soon.

  • Energetic

  • Positive

  • Eager to learn

  • Friendly

  • Focused


So what is freedom?

Most people will have a different answer to this but I can guess you could have more freedom if you had more money. This the reality.

I believe that once you make enough money for you to live well and in a relaxed manner that you have a duty to give some of it back. This could be to a charity or in my case to set up a charity in Africa – The Team Rhino Soccer Academy.

The irony is that the more freedom to give you have the more you get back.

I believe that the universal law of attraction is a massive part of freedom.

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