I have competed as a

I have competed as a Powerlifter for over 30 years and have picked up some long-term injuries due to the intense nature of the sport. Competed at the World Championships a while ago and prior to the meet, I was put in touch with Rob. Absolutely amazing, he sorted issues arising from a bone spur on my clavicle and got my lower back firing on all cylinders. As soon as the current situation improves and competitions are organised again, I will certainly be asking for Rob’s expertise again!

Healing Hands.

During my furlough from work in April i decided to re landscape my back garden which involved a lot of manual work and heavy lifting. I managed to hurt my back but did nothing about it. I struggled on but then after doing some work on my car for its MOT i was in absolute agony and struggled to straighten up and it was painful to even walk. The following day i called Rob. The results were amazing. After just two sessions i felt 100% better. Another couple of visits have totally transformed me. I have no hesitation in recommending Rob so if you have any problems make him your first port of call.

Headache treatment works

I forgot to mention on my testimonial about my headaches. Due to my neck and shoulder problem it created the tension which then created tension headaches and migraines. I have suffered migraines for donkeys years. I can quite clearly state after receiving the CST treatment touch wood, my headaches are no longer a major problem. My headaches were so debilitating, I could lose days being in bed with them. I cannot believe how much lighter my neck is hence not creating the tension in my head, no more headaches to how they were. I do believe Rob is a natural healer also, his hands get so hot and the healing energy he gives out no wonder can make him feel tired at the end of a day. Robs treatment is definitely one to try with out a doubt, I am loving the new light me, the exercises he gave me naturally play a part also and the 4:8 breadth technique I find amazing to calm the mind down, especially before bedtime. If you suffer from headaches, stuff neck with tensed shoulders come along to magic Rob and he will certainly fix you 😊


I have had a bad neck with tension for years. I was highly recommended to go and see Rob from a few people who I know who have been to him….. I was totally amazed at the CST treatment, I could actually feel the energy pulses running through my body, it was amazing, very interesting theories and Rob certainly knows his stuff.
I feel so so much better within my neck and shoulder area after suffering so long with constant pain.
I am now going to have regular monthly top ups to make sure I keep the tension at bay.
Big thumbs up to you Rob and huge huge thanks, so fabulous not to have that debilitating pain all the time!!

How diet helped my ME so much (Chronic fatigue Syndrome)

Sally’s amazing ME story and her self funding People’s Plan journey

In October 2013 I had a severe relapse of my lifelong condition M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

I was bed ridden for months. I spent several months slowly building strength up but crippled by fatigue.

After seeing my friend post about how wonderful she felt on the peoples plan capsules I very skeptically ordered some.

After 3 weeks I had so much more energy. It was no cure but the boost of energy enabled me regain some semblance of life back.

At this point I had changed NOTHING else in my life. I had NOT implemented any diet changes.

Just the added the Premium Capsules to my daily routine.

Some weeks later I decided to try the Shakes and LYB plan properly!

This has been a steady change for me but my life has been transformed over the last few years.

Small simple changes is what helped via the Self Funding People’s Plan

4 years on I am still a single mum, but I run my busy life with little to no help.

I run two businesses. I work out and started kick boxing last summer with no Post Exertional Malaise.

I am so grateful I took a gamble as I had no idea how much they would change my life but I am forever grateful x

More amazing health benefits of just tweaking your diet! Talia 11 years old. ADHD,

Talia 11 years old. ADHD, Autism, Congenital heart disease, Scoliosis, Osteoarthritis.

No prescription drugs for 3 months since starting JP omegas. Now Talia can focus, no meltdowns, she can top up if her mood changes, better sleep,


100% Natural

Chronic Pain Gone via a diet change

CHRONIC PAIN GONE 👊👊 with a diet change

I used to suffered from #tendinitis for years. Sometimes it would hurt less, sometimes more but the pain was always there..

My hands were swollen, red hot, clumsy and in so much pain that after my bakery shift I struggled to unbuttoned my own shirt and even holding hands with my husband was just too painful.

My doctor told me it would never go away until I changed my job. This was end of February 2018.

In april I started to take our SUPERFOODS to help me with my #fatuige and
(this improved within a month)

By June I realised that my hands hurt me less. By July the pain was completely gone.

I was working at the bakery for the next 6 months and the pain never came back…

now I am completely pain free for over 2 years

Works wonders

I hurt my hip flexor muscle on the Monday, couldn’t walk properly until Thursday (when I saw Rob). Two sessions and I was able to play a football match with no pain on the Saturday.. A week later and still can’t feel anything. 10/10!!

Rob was absolutely fab in

Rob was absolutely fab in fixing my ham string – I pulled it running whilst my body was still recovering from chemo – thank you so much rob you’ve been beyond fab fab 😁


I originally went to Rob with a back problem which he sorted and now see him for top up treatments.I have never been able to lay down on my back without a pillow because I would go dizzy.since having the top up treatments I no longer have the dizziness and can lay flat on the floor without a pillow.