Four years ago I was

Four years ago I was suffering back pain it was so bad that I could hardly walk and was sleeping in a chair as it was to painfull to get into bed.A friend recommended Rob so I made an appointment.I was booked to go on holiday to Austria in June on a walking holiday which I was going to cancel as it was only three weeks off. I mentioned this to Rob and he said don’t cancel you will be right by then.i was a bit dubious but didn’t cancel the holiday.After a few visits to Rob the pain was gone and I also felt better generally.I went on the holiday and walked in the mountains every day for a week without any problem at all.

A new woman !

I went to Rob after years of pain and stiffness in my neck , shoulders and in particular my shoulders and arms from long periods at a desk in front of a computer and the stress of my job . All of which have caused me lack of sleep and lack of movement even to be able to do simple things like put on my coat !
After one session I don’t know how it works but it does – and I am a different woman I can move my arms and neck freely , I feel better and I can sleep – would highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling the same way I do and who has tried other things all of which made very little difference
Thanks Rob


I have a stiff neck and knots in my shoulder due to a car accident about 12 years ago. . I My body is a bit out of line and even after one session my neck isn’t as stiff and I feel it isn’t as heavy ? . I was impressed with Robs knowledge and how the CST works . I am looking forward to another session soon

33 years ago I was

33 years ago I was involved in a serious accident. The result of which was many injuries from top to Bottom internal & external.
Since then I have had 30 years of spills falls & just suffering from the injuries.
I decided to try CST after chatting with Rob & watching his video. (TBH I do not get 100%).
I have to confess he has in the space of 2 sessions got my neck moving without any stiffness & very little discomfort, He has also somehow realigned my back as well.
I can honestly say that my posture feels great. I feel straighter & crazily lighter ?
I await then next session which I am expecting him to increase my neck movement further & improve my flexibility in my arms & back pain free.
I thank you Rob


Rob has treated me for years (rugby injuries, post knee replacements) and somehow has always managed to get me back moving pain free once again. Recently, I have been experiencing pain only swear words can fully explain, Sciatica! So back to Rob, but this time he used CST alongside his traditional methods. Although he did explain it to me and i watched his video, I’m not sure how it works or why it works but it does (wizardry of the highest order). Anyhow, back to normal again thanks to Rob and his healing hands. Cheers again Rob, can’t recommend you enough.

Neck and shoulder nerve pain causing curled up fingers.

I Went to specialist about my nerve damage in my neck and about the  two fingers in my right hand that were curled up which seriously affecting my work as a painter and decorator. I could not grip my brush.

The specialist at the NHS said nothing could done so on recommendation I went to see Rob at Injury Fix

After a few sessions of a treatment I have never heard of called Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and massage my fingers are functioning much better, no longer curled and I thankfully I am now back at work. I no longer have neck pain either.

A fully recommended Rob and CST

Back injury

I injured my back at work; after 5 sessions with Rob using  something new to me called Cranisacral Therapy I am now planning my return to work. Rob was very professional , talking through each step,and explaining everything very clearly. His treatment & exercise advice have really worked. Highly recommended .

Safe hands

After many years of running around as a professional camera operator it was inevitable that I might have back pain in later life. But nothing prepares you for the pain, lack of mobility and the loss of income when it happens. After 6 months of NHS appointments,MRI scans and private consultations I was still no nearer to getting back to work until I was introduced to Rob. Simple attention to detail and his wealth of knowledge had me back to work in just a few weeks. It is now 2 years on and I back doing what I do best. The NHS are great at diagnosing a problem but don’t have the time to devote to the one to one treatment that gets you back to work quickly. Thanks Rob I owe you big time!!

Pain free

I Limped in with back and leg pain … walked out. Healing hands and some massage, then CST and some stretches … 97% pain free,
Course of CST treatment booked.
Highly recommend.

Alan MIller

Neck and shoulder pain

I had suffered with neck and shoulder pain for years and after the first session with Rob it has greatly improved. Rob used a mixture of traditional massage, passive stretching and CST (Crainio-sacral Therapy) of which I found amazing. Rob was fantastic in the treatment. He gives explanations regrading why and  what he is doing and the reason for doing it in a certain way. I have already booked in for another session of CST and would highly recommend anyone else with similar problems to do so