Chronic Pain Gone via a diet change

CHRONIC PAIN GONE 👊👊 with a diet change

I used to suffered from #tendinitis for years. Sometimes it would hurt less, sometimes more but the pain was always there..

My hands were swollen, red hot, clumsy and in so much pain that after my bakery shift I struggled to unbuttoned my own shirt and even holding hands with my husband was just too painful.

My doctor told me it would never go away until I changed my job. This was end of February 2018.

In april I started to take our SUPERFOODS to help me with my #fatuige and
(this improved within a month)

By June I realised that my hands hurt me less. By July the pain was completely gone.

I was working at the bakery for the next 6 months and the pain never came back…

now I am completely pain free for over 2 years