Over the moon

Adam – Multiple Back, Neck and Shoulder pains!

I went to rob in pain with my back. He accessed me and found out the problem. He explained it all well to me. He started the treatment and at first I was very dubious thinking how will this help as it wasn’t painful at all what he was doing.  I was under the illusion I needed to be twisted about and hurt etc. Anyway the pressure in my head has released. My traps, back and hip pain has also disappeared after one session.  I have two more session left with respect to  alignment and a massages to go.

I can not believe what he has done and I’m not just blowing smoke here I’m genuinely in shock. Which shows this man has knowledge
I am looking forward to the next 5 weeks of treatment. My back is the best it has felt in years after one hours work and one hour hour let that sink in madness!!


Thank you you rob see you next week